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London blog by Nina: Who let us go to London?

Hi, my name is Nina and I am 16 years old. This is my first time being away from home and so far, it has been a very fun experience.


Praktikum als TPA in England für Céline

Céline Ziegler (19) aus Schattdorf ist Tiermed. Praxisassistentin EFZ. Sie absolvierte ein Praktikum von drei Monaten in Grossbritannien. Hier erzählt sie von ihren Eindrücken und Erfahrungen.


Praktikum als Kauffrau in England für Alisa

Alisa Gasser (21) aus Adligenswil LU ist kaufmännische Angestellte mit Schwerpunkt Business English. Nach ihrem Abschluss hat sie die kaufmännische Berufsmaturität erlangt. Jetzt ist sie für vier Monate in Grossbritannien.


Praktikum als Laborantin in England

Karin Fleischmann, unsere Absolventin Laborantin EFZ Chemie aus Feusisberg SZ war bis im Sommer 2018 für ein halbes Jahr im Auslandpraktikum. Hier erzählt sie von ihren Eindrücken.


Praktikum als Drogistin in England

Sarah Käser (20) aus Hergiswil NW ist Drogistin EFZ. Jetzt absolviert sie ein Praktikum von sechs Monaten in Grossbritannien. Hier erzählt sie von ihren Eindrücken und Erfahrungen.


"Soon we will finally reunite with our families again and go back home"

Hi, it’s Dzemi again and welcome to my second blog on this platform.


To start off with something exciting, on the 23rd January we will finally reunite with our families again and go back home! I believe everybody is looking forward to that day. I must say, I will miss Cambridge and my new friends I have made there, but I still can’t wait until...


"Our time in England is slowly coming to an end"

With only a little bit more than one week to go, our time in England is slowly but surely coming to an end. Even though London is a wonderful place, I realized, I'm sure many others did as well, that there ain't no place like home.


"Happy News" by Sisse

Hi all, It’s me again, Sisse. I hope y’all are doing well and especially the KB18 class which will start the internship soon!


Christmas holidays: "I am very excited to be home for a while"

Hi, my name is Jasmin and I am 18 years old. I am currently living in London for five months to improve my English and to gain work experience in another country.


I have been working at my work placement here in London for about three months now and I have been really enjoying it. I work at a company called M&D Properties which is a property...


"I love seeing people being passionate about something they love"

Hey Guys, I am Nikita, I am 16 and I am currently living in Eastbourne with my host family and their dog Celo.


My host mom has a clothes shop near the town centre, she lives in a lovely apartment with her boyfriend opposite the school. Both are really nice! The next best thing after my host family is, having the beach right around the corner....


"I wish you all a nice advent"

Hey there, my name is Lisa, I’m 17 years old and have been living in London for nearly four months. I am living with a host mother and her daughter, who is a Musical Theatre graduate. They are really lovely people. I have really bonded with them over the past few months I have been living with them. I will definitely miss them when I have to return...