"This was a great experience!"

Hello everybody! It‘s Lisa again and we‘re finally back in Switzerland.



We arrived last Wednesday and luckily everything went well.


The past three weeks in London were amazing. I spent New Years Eve with Mina, Niki and her host family in Eastbourne. It was very different from how I normally celebrate New Year’s but it was lovely to spend the time with my friends.


The Sunday before we left, my host family was celebrating a leaving-party for my host sister, who was starting her musical UK Tour with Avenue Q. It was a lovely evening. I met a lot of her friends and was having conversations with them.


Overall, I have to say that this was a great experience and I got the possibility to meet new people with who I can share memories. I will definitely miss Frances King, where I‘d been working over the time I was in London, and my host family.


I will definitely come back to London very soon! I wish all the following KB students that will leave for London soon a lot of fun and great memories!


Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZ Business English