"I wish you all a nice advent"

Hey there, my name is Lisa, I’m 17 years old and have been living in London for nearly four months. I am living with a host mother and her daughter, who is a Musical Theatre graduate. They are really lovely people. I have really bonded with them over the past few months I have been living with them. I will definitely miss them when I have to return to Switzerland.


I am doing my internship with Frances King School of English. Frances King is a Language School which has schools in England and Ireland. The school I work in is based at Gloucester Road, which is far away from where I live. Basically, I have to travel about one hour to get to my workplace, which is long but it’s a really easy journey, since I can just hop on the Piccadilly line after a 10-minute bus ride.


At Frances King I have the opportunity to work in two different departments. In the morning I work as a Student Assistant at the Reception and in the afternoon, I work as a Marketing Assistant. I am enjoying the time I can work here and develop personal and business skills.


Since the BEC Higher exam is coming closer every day, we get prepared for it in weekly evening classes at St. Giles Highgate, which intends to improve and suggest strategies on how to execute the different parts of the exam. The fact, that we’re going to take the exam in two weeks makes me and I assume others a little nervous. However, I am looking forward to giving my best and hopefully passing the exam.


In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, since it’s very cheap here but still very well equipped. Otherwise, I sometimes catch up with my classmates on the weekends, when we usually go into town and look through shops or just sit down in a café, drink something and talk for hours.


Over the time I have been living here, I have met so many lovely people, with who I have been able to explore London.


Additionally, it’s very easy and cheap to travel to destinations outside London by train. Eastbourne, for example. I visited Nikita in Eastbourne for a weekend and it was lovely to see her again and spend time with her after two months.


Soon, it’s Christmas break, when we fly home to Switzerland for a week. I’m so excited to see my family and boyfriend again.


I wish you all a nice advent.


Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZ Business English