"I love seeing people being passionate about something they love"

Hey Guys, I am Nikita, I am 16 and I am currently living in Eastbourne with my host family and their dog Celo.


My host mom has a clothes shop near the town centre, she lives in a lovely apartment with her boyfriend opposite the school. Both are really nice! The next best thing after my host family is, having the beach right around the corner. Eastbourne itself is beautiful and going for a walk at the seafront and visiting the pier is enjoyable.


In the town centre of Eastbourne you can find some nice cafés and shops. I fell in love with a book shop that I discovered on the way to the train station called Camilla`s. They have a large selection of second-hand books and I would really recommend popping into the shop if you ever visit Eastbourne! Furthermore, there is a nice music store near the town centre, where I bought a ukulele since it wasn`t possible to rent a guitar. Another town you must visit is Lewes! Lewes is known as the bonfire capital of the world. Lewes bonfire is a set of celebration usually held on November 5th, if you ever have the time go and visit Lewes, do it.


Like everyone else I spend my first month in London, taking business English classes in the morning and general English classes in the afternoon at St Giles Highgate. The time in London was unforgettable! My highlight was the two-piece band “Screams from the Sun” that we met. They gave me the opportunity to sing with them on Tottenham Court Road in front of strangers, and I have to say it really was a pleasure! I love seeing people being passionate about something they love, and those guys clearly are. Mina and I went to Camden one day to pierce our ears and just walk through the Camden market and I absolutely loved it! Camden is full of unique people and it is worth a visit.


After those 4 weeks in London I started my internship at St Giles Eastbourne. From the school it takes you approximately 15 minutes to the town centre and one minute to the seafront. Since I live right across the road, the journey to my workplace does not take long. My main task during the day is to pick up the phone, at the beginning I had my difficulties with it but the more I got to answer the phone the more confident I became at it. Besides answering the phone, I help in the office with a few Bits `n Bobs. At St Giles Eastbourne they gave me the chance to take morning classes to study for the exam we`re taking on the 14th of December. I am getting kind of nervous about it, but I believe that we all are going to pass the exam. In Eastbourne it is getting bloody cold and with that Christmas is coming closer. Everyone is starting to decorate their homes with Christmas decoration. Therefore, I had the opportunity to put some lights up in the office and decorate Christmas trees. In the town centre there is a Christmas market, which is decorated with a lot of lights. It looks lovely! Everyone is getting in a Christmassy mood and I can`t wait to go home and spend those days with my family.


England gave me great opportunities to become more confident and openminded and I earned some work experience, which I am sure will be beneficial for my internship in Switzerland.