"Happy News" by Sisse

Hi all, It’s me again, Sisse. I hope y’all are doing well and especially the KB18 class which will start the internship soon!

The Sketch (fancy, posh restaurant in Mayfair for afternoon tea, lunch or dinner)

I work for an English language school called Bayswater College in Bayswater itself, which is near Notting Hill and Paddington. At the beginning I was more responsible for different researches and marketing but that quickly changed since I was more needed in other departments.


I have been working at the reception for the past three months and I really enjoy it since I love being in contact with the students and welcoming guests. I have been in charge of planning and leading the social programme together with my colleague Tom, which can be stressful but, in the end, very fun and a good contrast. Besides from that, I do loads of direct sales, so basically I sell courses to people who are interested in learning English and make them different offers.


After our well-deserved Christmas break, we are back in the business in London. In my view I have long working hours. I get up at 7am, leave at 8am and start working at 9am. I usually finish at 6pm, but right after New Year’s we had many new students starting their course and some members of staff on holiday, so we were super busy and I had to work until 7pm or 7.30pm the past two weeks.


Nevertheless, I enjoy my free time even more and I am happy we just got to know our results from the BEC Higher Exam and I passed!


One more week to go and then we start our internship in Switzerland. I would love to stay longer and enjoy the freedom we have here.


However, I am also happy to go back to my friends and family and start the new adventure. Best, Sisse


Zur Ausbildung Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZ Business English