"Brighton is a great place to be"

I am one of the few people in this class that does not absolve their internship in London but in Brighton.

I have been working at St Giles the last two weeks and my main duties are: Distributing the mail in the morning, being in the Private Study Centre from 10:40 am until 11:10 am, cover reception at 12 -13 so that Javier (who is usually at the reception) can go have his lunchbreak. If I am not doing one of these tasks, I am usually in the accommodation office filing files or checking if hosts need to get their gas safety checked. I also had to do some non-usual work such as buying sandwiches at Tesco for an annual event. Speaking of which, Tesco, Starbucks and many other commercial businesses are near the school which is another big plus because in Highgate the nearest Sainsbury’s was quite far in my opinion.

Overall, I am very happy with my work placement; the staff, teachers and students are very friendly and appreciative of what I am doing here at St Giles. And I often eat lunch at the cantina downstairs, it has really good food, especially the lasagne. I also took part in a Social Programme event which was playing football. Even though I cannot play I got to know the students and now they say hello when they walk by.

My homestay is very convenient. I just have a 30-minute walk to the school and when I walk home I occasionally walk along the beach to get home. Since the weather was great the last few weeks I walked along the sea a lot. I also live very close to the Marina, so if I liked to go fishing for a day I wouldn’t have to walk very far to rent a boat. On top of that there is a McDonalds not far from here, so I occasionally order food on UberEATS.

Even though I walk to the school, I have installed an app called Hove & Brighton Move where I can get bus tickets and after the purchase I just have to activate my ticket and show it to the bus driver. This is good for public transport because you can get tickets on your phone and you don’t have to go anywhere. I used it to go to Eastbourne once and it worked fine.

Since I live in Brighton I would like to say that the view out to the sea is fantastic. Especially the last couple of days because the sky was clear and the water was calm, but even if there are huge waves it is quite satisfying to just watch. Last weekend some friends came to visit me in Brighton and we just sat on the beach and enjoyed the nice weather. Even if there is a lot to do in Brighton such as the pier, lasertag or the i360 which is a tower that rotates so that you can see the city from above, spending time at the beach and doing nothing is still very enjoyable.

I enjoyed my time in London, I loved traveling by tube even though it is nothing special, I was impressed by the city central, the Westminster, London Bridge no matter where I was I thought that London is a city to visit at least once in a lifetime. But if you have time go and have a look at Brighton it is one hundred percent worth it.

To finish this blog, I just want to say that I am satisfied with my work placement and that I would highly recommend it to anyone else.



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