London blog by Tamara: London is amazing!

Hi, my name is Tamara and I am 19 years old. Currently I am living in London studying, working and improving my English.

It’s already been 7 weeks since my class mates and I left Zurich Airport and started this adventure.


I am living with my lovely host family and host sisters in North London. They are all very friendly and I really enjoy spending evenings with them. In the first 4 weeks I attended St. Giles Highgate school of English. In the morning we had business lessons where I learnt a lot of business related vocabulary and things which are useful in all businesses. The afternoon classes we practiced speaking and meeting new people. Since we all have internships now, we only have one evening lesson on a Wednesdays at St. Giles Central.


3 weeks ago, I started my internship at Imperial College London which I really enjoy. I am working in the admin office of Design Engineering which is very interesting. I have a nice team and I get on with them all. Some of my tasks are ordering items, expense claims, event preparation and editing websites.


Besides school and work I have visited a lot of amazing places and met a lot of new people. One of my favourite places is Alexandra Palace where you have one of the bests views of London. In the summer you can just enjoy the wonderful sunsets with your friends and in the winter, you can go disco ice-skating. Oxford street, Piccadilly circus, Covent garden and Camden town are very nice shopping areas. Here in London you have a huge choice of stores and fashion which I think is fantastic. The choice of food is also incredible. One of my favourite places is China Town where you have a very big choice of Asian food and Borough Market where you can get street food from all over the world.


I have also travelled out of London. My host-sisters and I went to Cambridge, which is a beautiful and amazing city. It took us one and a half hour to get there but it was worth it! We saw a few popular universities, churches and cathedrals and the old part of the city. We went for a tour on a boat called a 'punt' on the river Cam. Our guide was very lovely, he told us a lot about the historical importance of the buildings we passed. A must do in London is Kew Gardens! It is a 300 acre (1 acre is the size of a football pitch) botanical garden which is in the West of London. My friends and I had a lovely day there, we really enjoyed it. There was a wooden bridge, smaller gardens with different kinds of flowers and plants, small lakes with amazing views and a lovely coffee shop.


I am looking forward to the next few months here in London and I am very glad to have this opportunity to live and work here for 5 months. It is a very good life experience where you learn a lot of things and most importantly, how to be independent and self-confident.


Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZ Business English