Nick im London blog: "a crazy and amazing experience"

The last few weeks were just a crazy and amazing experience.

I met a lot of new people which I can call my friends now, from all over the world. I met most of them at a pub or at clubs. So KB19 if you are reading this and you want to meet new friends you know what you have to do ;).


When I was not working I would explore the city, there were so many places to visit and I still haven’t ticked everything off my list of places. And if the weather was terrible I would stay at home and watch Netflix, of course in English which has improved my English skills significantly. Some of my favorite places which I can recommend visiting are Camden, Southbank, Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) and Seven Dials Market.


During the time when I was working at M&D Properties Investment Ltd I learned a lot for my future from my boss Dror. Not just about business, but also a lot about people and how to be successful. He gave me a lot of advice like that I should just be myself and think outside the box. I really enjoyed my work placement at M&D Properties Investment Ltd and I also want to stay in touch with my boss Dror.


The thing I will miss the most will be the everyday dinner. My host mother is an excellent cook and surprised me with a new dish every day. My favorite dish was homemade fish and chips. I am allergic to gluten but that was not a problem for me, my host mother always cooked gluten-free meals and there are way more restaurants in London which serve gluten-free food than in Switzerland.


As we are leaving soon I will enjoy the last few days with my friends I met here and will probably do some shopping to fill up my empty suitcase. I am happy to go home but I wish I could stay for a few more weeks.


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