Londonblog by Nina: "It's time to go home"

Sup, it's Nina again and this is my second blog. We have been working for over two months now and we're going back for Christmas in just two weeks!

I work in Frances King School of English. It's a language school for English and all you'll hear is Italian. But jokes aside, I really enjoy working and I have great co-workers. Every day is fun and something new because you never know what's going to happen.


We've put the Christmas decorations up, so we're all in the Christmas spirit. I usually spend my mornings at reception drinking coffee and staring out of the window and afternoons in marketing, contacting agents, sending brochures, answering emails and writing reports.


Depending on the time I finish work, I decide if I'll go somewhere after work. On Wednesday I went to Winter Wonderland with my co-worker. Winter Wonderland is my favourite place to go in winter.


On Thursday I went out for a coffee with one of my classmates who also lives in Crouch End. We went to a Costa coffee right next to the Finsbury Park station. Friday, the holy day, I went to Winter Wonderland again :) with my friend and we went on rides and had a lot of fun. We met two girls from Manchester and hung out with them. I love that no one is shy here, it's easy to make friends. Even in my workplace, a lot of students approach me and ask me for my Instagram and they are all very open and interested in making new friends.


The weekend was fun as well, my friend and I went to a bar near the waterfront in Vauxhall. After that we went to a vegan café and ate desserts. I am allergic to a lot of things, one of which being dairy. I’m glad that there are a lot of vegan cafes and restaurants where I can be sure that there is no dairy in their food. Compared to Switzerland, I never know if they even understand what I mean when I talk about my allergies, they have no dairy free options ever. On Sunday we went to Westminster winter market and had some food before going home. I love the Christmas decorations all over London, all London’s most famous attractions are now covered in lights.


Since we’ve seen everything in London, we are revisiting our favourite places and taking some time off after work. I’m one of the few underage people in my class and it’s annoying because you can’t do much in London if you’re underage. 


I get along well with my host mother and my Taiwanese housemate. We watch Christmas movies together and have a lot of fun every evening. Although it's freezing at home and I was sick the entire last week, I settled in and feel at home now. I'm a bit homesick, so I'm looking forward to going home for Christmas but other than that I'm enjoying London.


I think we all just need to see our families now and come back for one more, amazing, fun month.


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