Londonblog by Eliane: "The time here helps me to grow as a person and learn a lot about life and business."

Hi, my name is Eliane, I am 23 years old and I am currently living my best live in London.

As of this Monday, I have been in London for exactly 3 months! It is incredible how time passes by.


After the first month only at school, I am now in my internship at Collaborate Design Ltd. It is an art design studio, which is located at Aldgate East in the E1 Studio. The E1 Studio is a huge building with many companies from different fields. Collaborate Design Ltd is a small company consisting of my boss Jon, two other employees, Joe and Pete, and me. I am the only one doing the administrative tasks, my colleagues are all graphic designers.


My work starts between 9.30 and 10 AM and I finish around 5 PM. As I work in a creative field, the administrative tasks are also kind of creative work. I really enjoy having a big variety of tasks I can do. It includes writing e-mails, updating our internal communication tool, doing back-ups, editing photographs, creating illustrations, sending mail and parcels, doing research, helping with the social media accounts and much more.


Since we go out to lunch almost every Friday, I have a good relationship with my boss and my colleagues. At my working place, we have a very peaceful and relaxing corporate culture. We not only just work; we can also talk about everything. They also help me understand the British culture and language and they also give me advice for what I can do with my time here in London.


After work I enjoy seeing different parts of London, explore new restaurants, go to the gym or go home and enjoy time with my host family or just relax.


I live with a woman called Pauline, she is originally from Jamaica and now lives in London since she is 16 years old. She is very lively and always here for me. She has a son called Dean and a daughter called Kesha. Dean lives with his wife and their two little girls and Kesha lives with her daughter, but I see someone of them almost every day. Sunday is their family day; also this weekend, the little girls came over during the day. I don’t only learn a lot about the British culture but also about the Jamaican culture.


I am always very busy; I can’t think of a weekend I haven’t done anything. During the week I go to the gym three times to stay fit. I often meet friends from school at the weekend, but also some friends and family from home come and visit me during the weekend. This weekend my brother Simon and his girlfriend Diana visited me. I met them on Friday evening. I showed them the centre of London, including Trafalgar Square, where we went to the Christmas market, the Big Ben, Westminster, London eye and one of my favourite restaurants in London; Wahaca. It is a Mexican restaurant at Southbank.


Because we had our BEC Higher exam last Saturday, I now have more time for the IPT-KN project I do during my time here in London. I not only have to write a weekly activity journal, I also have to introduce my workplace and show five performance goals I achieved during my internship at Collaborate Design Ltd in detail and make a reflection about each performance goal. I am trying to finish it in the next two weeks, so that I can hand it in to Jon, then he has to evaluate a part of my project.


My English gets better and better every day. The classes at St. Giles Highgate and Central helped me a lot with my vocabulary and grammar of the English language. Now that I work, I also learn a lot of new business-related vocabulary, as they always help me to understand everything, I don’t know yet. Even though, the BEC Higher wasn’t that easy, I hope we all passed it and get a C1 certificate.


I look forward to gaining more experience in the next two months here in London before I’ll be back in Switzerland. The time here helps me to grow as a person and learn a lot about life and business.


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