Londonblog by Christina: "We had a Christmas party at work"

It was the second last week at work before we finally go home for the first time. Everything and everyone is busy, workwise and in their private lives. Christmas parties and dinners here and there, while trying to figure out what to buy for your colleagues, friends and family. London is so busy! I feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to do already. Now I am just counting the days to go home and see my family and friends.

I really enjoy how happy the other people seem during Christmas time, even though all that overly expressed happiness in form of singing Christmas songs is annoying as hell. I love the Christmas decorations all around the city. At work I am also having a blast with my co-workers. I really like talking to the students and being able to help them. Some of them are a bit younger than me and I really admire their courage to come to a foreign country without speaking much or any English at all.


We had a Christmas party on Thursday, first the one for the staff and after 6.30 pm the party for the students in The Prince Alfred Pub. We rented a space and organised some games which we could play. I took part in the organisation of the Christmas party. The day after, I dressed up as Santa and delivered the presents of the Secret Santa game that some of the classes in the college agreed to take part in. Secret Santa is the same as “Wichteln”. And I was surprised that the students bought proper presents! When I was in nursing school, we did the same game, but nobody bought anything special.


On Friday my host family held a goodbye dinner for my host sister Melanie from France. We went to an Italian restaurant located in North Finchley, called San Giorgio. After we finished eating, we went together to a pub in Muswell Hill, the pub belongs to a chain (Wetherspoons). I went home early because I was very tired and exhausted from the week and recovering from the company’s Christmas party on Thursday. I was told, if a company doesn’t have a Christmas dinner or party, the company is probably bad. It is very common in UK to have a company get-together before Christmas.


On Saturday I didn’t plan on going out, but I went to Winter Wonderland in the evening. It was very crowded, and it was very cold. I went there with some friends from my workplace. Winter Wonderland’s attractions are quite expensive, you can compare it to the prices of the annual fun fare “Chilbi” in Lucerne. I ate a hot dog and after that, I went to a pub again.


I’m looking very much forward to spending Christmas at home!


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