Londonblog by Anna: "London is the best thing that could have ever happened to me"

Hello:) My name is Anastassija Sokolowa, I'm 17 years old and this is my first time writing for the school blog.

Halloween with friends

at the Swiss Embassy in London

Meeting with Yungblud

Naitonal Galery

Tate modern

My experience in London has been magical so far.

I live with my host mom, Ruth, who is 92 and such a lovely host! She cooks really well, I have my own privacy and she is really supportive of every single activity that I do here, so if you get Ruth Gilbert as your host, you will be very lucky.


Since I came to London, I learned a lot of new things, I learned about the history, art, culture, food, English language and the people. London is such an amazing place because here you can be whatever you want to be. You will always find people who will be really supportive of whatever you do and the rest of the people just don’t care, so you can dress as colourful as you want to dress, talk the way you want to talk and just be whoever you want to be here:)


This is my first time in England and also my first time that I would be working, so naturally I was really nervous, but the company that I'm in, Dekra, is such a fantastic company! Everyone in the company is really open, patient and nice. When I first started, I was a nervous mess on my first day, but everyone around me was very warm and welcoming, so Ryan and I had a really nice start into our internship. By now I can do all of my tasks independently and I don’t need as much help as in the beginning and I am really grateful for the patience from everyone.


Besides having an amazing experience in my company, I managed to see a lot of new things. I went to a see an ecstatic play in the globe theater, I got to see the breathtaking Lion King musical, I visited the astonishing National Gallery, I experienced the fascinating Tate modern, I went to the sunny city of Brighton and got lost in London multiple times, which lead to me finding some fantastic hidden places.


In addition to having seen these fantastic new places, I met some amazing new people, who I love and adore. I had some very fun late night adventures, like going to McDonalds to get some chicken nuggets at 10 pm, dressing up for Halloween and organizing a spontaneous Halloween party at my friends house, deciding to go on a random boat tour because we found out that one of my friends has a boat and many more crazy and fun things.


During the time here I also had a lovely experience in class. Once a week, on Wednesday, at 5 pm we have class for 2 hours and 40 minutes where we prepare for the English exam that we're going to take on November the 16th. Besides the class, we had an ÜK course here in London. Mr. Spielhofer and Mr. Kunz came to visit us and gave us all the necessary information for the ÜK and for when we get back. In the morning till around 2 pm we were at our school and then we headed off to the Swiss embassy where we had a really nice chat with two of the people there, one of whom explained what they do in the business area and the other one explained to us what they do in the scientific area.


Since I have the opportunity, I just wanted to tell the future students that will be doing this course to be as open as possible. Take London as it comes and don’t worry too much about being in a new city, because yes, it is scary, but the time will fly by so fast. I have been here for almost 11 weeks, which is basically 3 months and I am about to fly back home for a week for Christmas.


I just feel like I just arrived here, so please, enjoy your time here to the fullest, go to concerts, meet famous people, make new friends, try new food and try new things. Just relax and let London do its magic, because you will probably never have an experience like that in your life ever again.


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