London blog by Tamara: "Last two weeks in London"

Hi, my name is Tamara and this is my second London blog.

I have been here now for more than 4 months and it is incredible how fast the time passed. I went back home to Switzerland for Christmas break and now my classmates and I are back in London for just two more weeks.


Pre-Christmas time in London was amazing. There were Christmas markets all over the place and the biggest one was Winter Wonderland which I enjoyed the most. There was a big choice of food, drinks, roller coasters and games.


My friend and I even won something! Winter Wonderland is located in Hyde Park and it is huge. Also, all the streets and the main parts of the city were decorated with lovely Christmas lights and Christmas decoration. We came back to London on the 29th of December and I still had a few days off until the 2nd of January. My best friend came to visit me so we could spend New Year’s Eve together. We went to a club in central London called “Piccadilly Institute” with two other friends. We had a nice time together and I showed him around London. We went to Southbank, Buckingham Palace and to Oxford Street where we did some shopping.


On the 2nd of January I went back to work but there was not much to do because a lot of my colleagues were still on holidays. As I am working at a College, January is going to be a very busy month because the second term started just a few days ago and all the students are coming back to take their exams. In the meantime, everybody returned from their Christmas breaks but is still in holiday mood.


Last weekend my friend and I went to Shoreditch which is a nice area if you visit it on a sunny day. We were not really lucky, it was cloudy and rainy. There are a lot of nice little shops, street food stalls and cool graffiti on the walls. After Shoreditch we went to Spitalfields Market where we got some nice Turkish and Indian street food. They still had their Christmas lights on, so the atmosphere was really nice.


In the last two weeks I am going to visit some last places and museums which I really want to see. The Columbian Flower Market, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Shard are some of them. I enjoyed the time here in London. I saw a lot of things which I would never see in Switzerland. It is an amazing city with a lot of opportunities. I grew really close with some of my classmates and I met new people as well. It is an experience during which you become more self-confident, open-minded and independent.


In two weeks, I will be back home in Switzerland with my family and friends and I am really looking forward to it. In February we are starting to work at our internship companies in Switzerland and I am very excited about it. As I already had a few jobs in Switzerland it was interesting to see the difference how people work in London and how they manage their work life balance. Living and working abroad was a good life experience which I will never forget.


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