London blog by Noëmi: "I am already sad to go back to Switzerland”

Hi! My name is Noëmi Schmidiger and this is my second time I am writing a blog about my time in England. As you maybe know, I wrote my last blog 9 weeks ago and since then many new, interesting things happened.

I can’t believe that I have been here in London for 10 weeks now, which is more than 2 months! The time flies so fast and I am already sad that I have to go back to Switzerland in January, because I really like living here.


I am very happy with my host family and I can imagine that I will really miss them when I am back in Switzerland. I honestly was never homesick but at the same time I am happy that my family and friends are visiting me.


As I already mentioned, many things happened since my last blog. First of all, I started my internship on the 16 September 2019 at St Giles Highgate, the same school I went to the first four weeks. I am really happy to be able to do my internship there, because I already know the school and the teachers. At the same time, my journey to work isn’t long. I always start work at 9 am, which means I have to leave home around 8 am. I can take the Northern line near my homestay and it takes me around 20 minutes to get to Highgate, where the language school is.


I am able to assist with many things in the office and I am very happy to work with the amazing team there. I am in the office with 4 others and they are all very friendly, I really like the team! My main tasks are to write certificates for students who are leaving and to inform host families with arrival details from students. At the same time, I have to do a U18 check every day to ensure that everyone who is under 18 years old is in school and if not I have to contact them. I also have to write emails, especially to agencies to ask them for specific documents from their students.


I have to say that I am very happy with the things I can do, because I am in contact with people from all over the world every day and it is interesting to see how this whole procedure with students works. Another point, why I am so happy to work there, is that I did the same procedure as all the students who are coming, so I know what they have to do and how they feel.


At the same time, I started with the project we have to do during our internship, called IPT-KN. The project includes writing about the tasks I am doing in the office and also describing them. Because I am assisting with many tasks, which match with the performance goals, it is not that difficult to work on the project. As I already mentioned, I assist with different tasks of administration and student welfare, which includes writing many emails and being in contact with agencies and host families. Although I am able to assist with many things that are important for this project, it takes quite a lot of time to work on the project. I recommend doing the layout in advance, so that you can focus on the text and especially the flowchart, which is another part of the IPT-KN project. I think this project helps to look back what you have done during your internship and helps to see what you have learned during this time.  


Currently, my friends and my family are visiting me, for which I am very happy. This week, my parents were here in London and I showed them the whole city and all the things I do here in London. I stayed with them in a hotel in the centre from Friday to Sunday. I met them on Thursday after work to eat dinner with them in town. On Friday, we went to see the Mamma Mia Musical at the Novello Theatre. I really enjoyed seeing that and it is interesting that I was able to understand the whole musical, which I think I would not have been able to do before I went to London. On Saturday, I showed them around the city and in the evening, we bought tickets to go to the top of The Shard. I can really recommend doing that, because you are able to see the whole city from the top and the view is so incredible! On Sunday, we went to the Buckingham Palace to see the change of the guardians, which was really interesting to see. We booked a tour, that’s why we got a lot of information about this procedure. The changing of the guard at the Buckingham Palace is the ceremony where the Queens Guard hands over responsibility for protecting Buckingham Place and St. James Palace to the New Guard. The ceremony lasts approximately 45 minutes and musical support is provided by a regimental band or corps of drums with pipers taking part in the ceremony.


As you hopefully all know, there is currently a difficult situation in England: BREXIT. It is very interesting to be here in London while a really big thing is going to change the situation in England. I hear many different opinions about BREXIT, especially at work, and it is very interesting to read the news on the internet. I mostly read them on BBC, which is a website where you can read the latest news about England. I think that BREXIT is a thing, about which people will talk in the late future and I then will be able to say that I was in England while this whole thing happened.


Another thing I am very grateful for is the happiness of all people living here. As I already mentioned in my last blog, I see that the people are always willing to help you and living their life the way it is and trying to make the most of it.


I am already sad to go back home to Switzerland and I know that I will really miss my host family, the team at work and just the whole lifestyle here in England. I look forward to further have a great time here in London and finish my internship with a good feeling!




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