London blog by Lorena: "The people here are very kind and open"

Hello everyone, my name is Lorena and I have been here in London for more than 2 months now.

2 months ago I was welcomed by a lovely family with 2 kids, almost the same age as me, and I got to know the British everyday life, even if they live similarly to Swiss households.


However, my host family is very open and generous, they often have friends who visit them to eat or just talk, which is nice for me, I can meet new interesting people. We also have dinner almost every day so we talk about our highlights of the day and have interesting or funny conversations.


Although I like being at my homestay and chat with them, I also want to be outside and explore this amazing city. In the beginning, I was often at popular places like Camden Town or Oxford Circus, which I really enjoyed, but these tourist places are too crowded and busy for me. I prefer to be at calm places with nice views, like Highgate in general and Alexandra palace or Muswell Hill. Fortunately, some people from here showed me even better spots.


But it’s not just the view that fascinates me, also the different cultures you can see everywhere, and languages you hear, which you’ve never heard before or how the people dress differently, it’s so exciting.


I am glad that I only had good experiences with people from here. Especially in the beginning, some of them really helped me to find my way back home when I was confused with the tube system or when I couldn’t find a bus stop. Moreover, the people here are very kind and open, so I had short and cool conversations with random people, and surprisingly I got more in touch with some of them, could get to know them better and become friends in such a short period of time. I am so happy to know such good hearted and funny people. Luckily, they live near to my homestay, so I can see them after work or obviously on weekends. I am also really glad that I could build a good relationship to the colleagues I work with, they treated me as a part of the team from the beginning, that’s why I am motivated to go to work and learn more every day.


Also, I am very honoured to work for such an incredible organisation. It is a charity named Freedom from Torture, they help, with well educated and caring therapists, asylum seekers and refugees who have survived torture, to recover and rebuild their lives in the UK. My job in the Human Resources Department is to manage diverse things around all staff members and volunteers we hire, from recruitment to payroll to investigations and more. Because we are a small team at the moment, they give me a lot of responsibility to deal with all the needs for the employees. Therefore, I learned so much, although I have been just 6 weeks in this organisation, which is great.


I think I’m getting more and more used to the daily life here in London and I am looking forward to the rest of the time I can spend in this exciting city.


Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZ Business English