London blog by Eliane: "I find it very interesting to meet people from all over the world."

Hi, my name is Eliane, I am 23 years old and I am back in London after my holiday break in Switzerland.

Winter Wonderland

Heathrow Airport in London

Brunch at Charlies

Camden Town London

Covent Garden

Vegan Burger Bar

I had an amazing time with my family and friends over Christmas, but the time went by so fast. I still have a break until 2 January. I can’t really believe that it is soon 2020 and I will celebrate New Year in London.


On Monday I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with some friends. Winter Wonderland is huge, and you can do many things. They have a big Christmas Market, Ice Rink, a lot of different food and drink stalls and rollercoasters. My friends are really into rollercoasters, but not me, I am afraid of heights. My friends went on one and I waited for them but at the second one I was able to get over my fears and went on one. It was the highest one with a free fall. As it went up, I felt like I will die (those who don’t fear height can’t understand) but I did it. We had an amazing view over the whole Hyde Park and further. After that we just enjoyed the rest of the day at Hyde Park. As we went home, most of the tube stations were closed because of overcrowding, so we rented a City bike and we rode it to the next tube station. It was fun but so freezing cold.


On 31 December we still didn’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve. We were spontaneous and started in Central London at Piccadilly Circus. In Central London there are a lot of street artists, like today there was a boy singing right at the station. I enjoy it a lot to just listen to a street musician and support them. We walked around and explored more of London. As it began to get late, we went for dinner but almost every restaurant was fully booked, or we had to wait over an hour. We ended up at Wahaca, a delicious Mexican restaurant, at 9 PM. After our dinner we tried to find a spot to watch the fireworks at the London Eye, but there were so many people. As we found a good spot, we went shortly away to buy some snacks and as we returned, they closed the area because there were too many people. It was already 10.30 PM, so we were in a rush. We decided to go to Ally Pally to watch the fireworks. Ally Pally is the highest point in London and my friends and I live closed to it. There were also a lot of people, but we saw so many fireworks all over London and it was truly incredible. I could not realize it was suddenly 2020.


On the next day my friend and I went for brunch to Charlie’s Café and Bakery in Wood Green. It is a small café but so delicious. We just enjoyed the day and relaxed. After brunch we went to Vue cinema. Wood Green has a lot of facilities and shops. Many people think Wood Green isn’t a very safe place, but I never felt unsafe there. We watched the movie Jumanji 2.


The week went by fast and the weekend even faster. The weather on Saturday was beautiful and I just enjoyed the good weather and relaxed. I was sick the last two days, so I needed to relax and get back my energy. On Sunday we didn’t have very nice weather. I went for lunch with a friend and after that to Covent Garden to stroll around. I also got two new host brothers from Brazil. I find it very interesting to meet new people from all over the world.


I am looking forward to my last two and half weeks in London and the adventures awaiting me.


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