London blog by Dea: "I’m currently working now and I’m loving it."

Hello, my name is Dea and I’m 17 years old. It’s been around two months since we’ve arrived here in London and I’m still not homesick.

Delaya and me at Hampstead Heath

Tea Time

Delicious China Town bread

Actually, I’m already starting to get sad about returning to Switzerland as I like it here so much.


I loved going to school during the first month; the teachers were amazing, and I met a lot of people in the afternoon classes and made new friends. School ended at 3:40 which means we had a lot of time in the afternoon and evening to explore London.


I’m currently working now and I’m loving it. I was very lucky with my workplace as our boss is super cool. Especially compared to our other classmates and our office is beautiful. I love visiting collections, galleries and museums as we don’t have so many in Switzerland as there are here.


And just all together there’s so much going on here and there’s so many cool places to visit here compared to Switzerland and I love that about London. My favourite place in London would be Leicester Square. Every time when I would go out with others, and it doesn’t matter where we’re going, we always end up at Chinatown or the other way around that we want to go somewhere but we spend too much time in Chinatown or just the area around there as there’s many cool places to visit there. There you have amazing food, bubble tea, multiple different deserts, take away and bakeries that sell delicious bread.


Currently there’s a lot of protests going on especially with Brexit happening in a little more than a week as well as the extinction rebellion protesting about global warming so a lot of stations and roads keep getting closed which is quite annoying sometimes but that makes us walk instead of using transport which is also not bad.


Even though it’s October I’ve already started getting Christmas presents for my friends and back in Switzerland and I’m already in a Christmas mood even when Halloween hasn’t passed but it’s not just me, stores have started decorating for Christmas.


I’m looking forward to the up-coming time here in London.


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