London blog by Anastassija: "The exchange semester is almost over and it was wonderful"

I was enjoying my time here way more during the Christmas time than at any other time. There were sales everywhere, there was a bunch of delicious new Christmas food from all around the world and so much more stuff!


But my favourite part was the office Christmas party that we had on the 6th of December. It was a Friday evening and we all dressed up nicely and went to a Chinese restaurant, which turned out also to be a karaoke bar. It was a lot of fun to see my co-workers singing "I wanna dance with somebody" drunk and in full volume.


But no matter how much I enjoyed London, the best part of Christmas was coming back home for a week. I hadn't seen my family in about five months and it was just lovely to be in the comfort of my own home again. After the one-week break we had, we came back here for another 24 days and I told myself that during those 24 days I will cramp in everything I hadn’t been able to do till this moment.


During my first week, I went to Winter Wonderland quite a few times and I enjoyed it a lot. It is this huge amusement park right in the middle of Hyde Park where you had everything from all the possible food to all the gigantic rollercoasters (please, if you can go, go, it'll be such an experience).


I also saw a few musicals. I got to see &Juliet for the third time and the cast even remembered me (!!!), I saw Hamilton and Falsettos for the second time. All of these were such a great experience. If you're okay with social interaction and aren’t to shy, you can visit the stage door after the show and get your program signed or just talk to the cast (they are all really lovely).


I also went ahead and tried out some more cute restaurants or cafes that I wanted to try out since the beginning. I can really recommend the Avocado Cafe, the Tonkotsu ramen place in Soho and last but not least, Franco Manca anywhere in London. Since I could find pretty cheap tickets at todaytix, I decided to treat myself to Cyrano De Bergerac (a play with James McAvoy), 9 to 5 (a musical with David Hasselhoff) and the Book of Mormon, which is a hilarious comedy. I also have some musical visits planned for next week, but since it will be my last week, I want to spend it with the people that I have met here.


When I first arrived, I had so many expectations as to how this will be and how I will spend my time here, but it turned out to be like nothing that I had planned. I met way more people than I thought I would (including my amazing best friend Skye, with whom I hope to stay friends for life), I did way less than I thought I would (please don’t be like me, but plan to do stuff during all 6 months and not just during the last month like I did).


Also, if you get to experience a stay abroad like this, be open to as many things as you can and most importantly, enjoy this time as much as you can because you will never again have such an experience.


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