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"I love London"

Where shall I start? I have such exciting weeks behind me. Full of visits from friends and my boyfriend came as well. I highly recommend visiting the sky garden. I was with my boyfriend and we had a candle light dinner with the best view you can wish for. I am missing him a lot but for a relationship these months in London were worth it. You get...


"Halloween Tattoo"

Hi there! Another month is over and I think I can say now I don’t feel like a tourist anymore. And I can’t believe that I’ll go home in 2 months!


I still like working for The Mix. I am the HR Manager’s assistant but I have the opportunity to work one day in the marketing department because they know that I would like to study marketing. They...


"Bonfire Night in London"

Have you guys ever heard of Guy Fawkes? I guess most of you know the film V for Vendetta or have seen the Anonymous mask. Well, both come from this man. And also I probably wouldn’t call you guys. Why I am telling you this?

Like in the film V for Vendetta, Fawkes was planning the gunpowder plot – meaning, he wanted to blow up the houses of...


"Halloween in London and a NFL-Game in Twickenham"

Hello everyone, it’s Melina again! In the past few weeks, so many things have happened. On 13th October, my parents and my younger brother came to visit me. We went to all the different tourist places. Also, I went to “Harrods”, one of the most famous shopping centres in the world, for the first time. After the weekend, I had to go to work. During...


"Family time in London"

Hi everyone! It’s me again, Kathrin. On 13th October, my mother and my brother arrived in London and I met them after work at Leicester Square. Afterwards I took them to their Bed and Breakfast, where they stayed for two nights.


The most exciting thing I was looking forward to this weekend was visiting the Shard. With a height of 310 metres,...


"Behind the scenes!"

Hey everybody! It’s Sarina again! Another month has passed since my last entry… Seems like it was yesterday. Time is passing so quickly when you’re having a good time.

So, let me get you up to date here: I started my internship shortly after my last blog. I’ve been working at St. Giles International Highgate language school for a month now and I’m...


"We visited an interesting dog show/exhibition"

Hello everybody

The last week went by really fast because I was sick on Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday, we had the last mock BEC Higher exam before the real exam. First, we had the writing, then the listening and then the reading. In the afternoon, we had the speaking in groups of two. After my friends and I finished we went shopping in the...


"The quiet before the storm …"

Hello dear readers! It's Tanja's turn again!

It is now my 3rd week as an intern here in London – or, to be more precise, in Watford, Hertfordshire. I work in a company called All Aboard Shops Ltd that raises funds from selling donations. The money earned in their 18 shops is given to over 60 different charities to support their work and help. I...


"At the end of the working day my workplace looks like this"

I’ve just left the office for today. We are really busy here in London. This is now the 3rd week that I work for Dekra claim services in London. Dekra claim services is a coordination centre for insurances (our clients) whose insurers where involved in some kind of motor vehicle accidents in the UK or abroad.


Despite the fact that we have a lot...


"Start of a new chapter : our internships have started"

Welcome back guys. A lot has happened since the last time I have wrote a blog!

As you probably already know, school is over now and we have started our internship. I work for M’n’D Properties, as the name says, it is a company which buys and sells properties and lots more. I like it a lot and the people are very nice. The office is very small but...


"Moments to enjoy"

Hello everyone, it’s Micky again! In today’s blog I’m writing about moments I enjoy.


Some of you may already have been to another country, so you know that it’s quite relaxing having some time off the usual daily struggles of Switzerland. Well truth be told, the feeling of excitement and pleasure to live in such a big city is not going to last...


"I had so much fun doing my job ..."

Hello everyone! This is my seventh week in London. In the last few weeks I visited many tourist attractions like the London eye, Buckingham Palace and of course Big Ben. I was so excited to finally see all these buildings because they look so stunning, especially the Buckingham Palace. I really enjoy my time in London but the time flies by so fast....


"Sightseeing tour in London"

Hello everyone! It’s me, Kathrin. I have been here now for 5 weeks and all I can say is, time is flying really fast.


At the weekend, Anais and I took the bus to London Bridge and after 5 minutes of walking, we were in front of the amazing Tower Bridge in the centre of London. It’s a big bridge with two towers, crossing the river Thames next to...


"I still have a lot on my to-do list ..."

Hello everyone! It’s me again :)


We have been here for over a month now and I’ve got to tell you, it’s been amazing so far.


I’ve done quite a few things since my first entry a month ago. Just this weekend for example, some of my friends and I went to the Harry Potter Platform 9 ¾ which had a huge crowd queuing up for the infamous wall (as...


Blogeintrag von Alisa

Hi readers, it’s me, Alisa.

As you may expect I’m still in London. The last five weeks past so fast I can’t even believe it. I did a lot of sighting in the first two weeks but in this week, I felt a bit under the weather so I didn’t do much at all.  After school Tanja, Sharleen and I went to Starbucks to do our homework, study and just have some...