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"It certainly has been an experience!"

Hello, dear readers! This is my last blog entry – soon we'll be back!

The weather in England has been tricky in the last few days: it quickly changed from clear blue skies to rainstorms and even some snow! (or, more accurately, snowy rain.) And all the while, it was extremely windy and brisk. This affected the traffic immensely – the overground...


"Even though working in London is really busy it gives you a huge work and life experience"

If someone asked me to describe London in one word, I would describe it as BUSY. It has been a long and busy workday as usual today. I must say, I like working for DEKRA Claims Services.


This is what my daily routine looks like: I leave the house at 8am and I take the northern underground line from High Barnet to London Bridge. I could take the...


"I love my work here and the people I'm working with"

Hi there, it has been a long time since the last time I wrote something. Our time in London is coming to an end. When we first went to London it felt so long till Christmas time and till we see our loved ones. But now time is flying, and I really want to tell you if you are interested in going: ENJOY IT. Do as many things as you can. And most...


"Disconnected from the world"

Hey everyone! As you maybe know, we were back in Switzerland for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s was really nice to see my family and friends after 4 months. Anyway, we came back on 1.1.2018 and I was really glad to be back in London.  It sounds strange but London became a second home for me. And I am actually not ready to go home in 2 weeks to...


"I want to thank Frei’s to give me the chance to make London a part of my very own"

This weekend my sister came to London with her boyfriend. On Saturday we went to the Imperial War Museums but we didn‘t really like it, after that we went to Camden for shopping, but we didn‘t really have time because we wanted to watch a football game. As we arrived at the stadium, they told us that we were an hour late. We were pretty upset since...


"Our last few weeks in London!"

Hello everyone, it’s me, Melina, again! As you probably know we all went back to Switzerland on December 23rd for Christmas and New Year and I think we all enjoyed being at home. When I was at home, I went skiing a few times and I saw most of my family on Christmas eve. I also saw my little cousin for the first time because he was born last month....


"Back in London again for one more month"

Hello everyone! It’s Sarina again!

Wow, it’s been a while... haven’t written a blog since last year! :)))  ...


Anyhow, back to recent events.


We were home for Christmas and New Year’s Eve to spend the holidays with our families and friends! It was really nice to be home for a week, but I’m also excited to be back in London now and see...


"Time flies by and the week at home is almost over"

Hi everyone! Before Christmas holidays, we went to Inamo for the Sales and Marketing team meal. This is an Asian restaurant with Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Korean cuisine located in Soho, Covent Garden and Camden. This restaurant was recommended by Design My Night as the best sushi place in London. With interactive projections on the table surface...


"Back home for nine days"

We are now back in Switzerland for nine days to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I am so happy to be back especially because now I can sleep in my bed again and it is just amazing to be with my family and my dog.

On 23 December, we were picked up at around nine o’clock at our host homes and then the taxi driver drove us to Heathrow Airport where...


"Soon we'll be back home for Christmas"

Times flies and the date of our flight back to Switzerland draws nearer by the day. While I am excited about going back home, there is still a bit nervousness – I hope everything goes well!


A Christmassy feeling is to be found in London; colourful lights shimmering through the night, from time to time some snow shows up and the streets and shops...


Christmas time in London ...

Hi everyone! It’s almost Christmas and I am really excited to go home in two weeks.However, I am going to tell you what happened in the last month.

So, my brother-in-law and my father visited me a few weeks ago. As a birthday present for my brother-in-law, we went to a football match. Tottenham Hotspurs against Southampton, which took place in...


"You realize how much family and friends mean to you"

Hey everybody! This month my family came to London. It was the first time since August that I saw them and although I didn’t have the chance to spend a lot of time with them, because we had exams on that weekend, I really enjoyed seeing them. When you’re away for such a long time, you realize how much family and friends actually mean to you. You...


Working for a Talent Agency

Hello everyone. It’s me again, Melina.

On 18th November we had our BEC higher exam and I hope everyone did well. I was quite nervous but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.


The last few weeks were very interesting. I learned so much about the whole business. I had to do so many different things like editing promotion videos and uploading them to...


"The last few weeks before Christmas"

Hello everyone, it’s me, Kathrin. Since the BEC Higher, which was 2 weeks ago, the time is flying. There are just 3 weeks left until Christmas, when we will see our families finally.


At my workplace (St Giles International London Central, Head Office) we are very busy at the moment because all brochures for 2018 need to be updated and sent out...


"Tourists for the weekend"

Hello everyone! It’s me again, Sarina. I’ve got quite some stuff to talk about! First of all, let me tell you about my weekend.

So, on Saturday, Saskia and I went to Madame Tussauds for the first time. And I’ve got to say, it was really amazing. If you ever go to London, make sure to go there. They don’t just have incredibly realistic wax figures,...


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