"We have two office dogs called Elvis and Presley"

Hello everybody! Last week I started my internship at The Mix Charity. I was quite nervous but when I met the staff that feeling was gone. All of them are so lovely and funny. And suddenly I was a part of the team. The charity has two locations, one at Oxford Street (which is really cool) and one near Baker Street. I am an assistant of the HR director. And I do quite nice and important stuff. But to be honest there is a huge difference between the work atmosphere in England and in Switzerland but I like it here. And we have two office dogs whose names are Elvis and Presley. You can see Elvis on a picture how he picks up my phone calls.


Every Friday afternoon is a wine and cheese club where all the staff can meet, chat and taste wine together. Unfortunately, I was not able to go last week because my wisdom tooth was inflamed so I went to the dentist. It was a really nice dentist and he removed my tooth really quickly but I was in pain the following days. It was strange when you’re in pain and you are not able to go to your own dentist instead you go to a stranger. But the little devil is out now and I’m feeling better.

Stay tuned for my next blog!