"The last few weeks before Christmas"

Hello everyone, it’s me, Kathrin. Since the BEC Higher, which was 2 weeks ago, the time is flying. There are just 3 weeks left until Christmas, when we will see our families finally.


At my workplace (St Giles International London Central, Head Office) we are very busy at the moment because all brochures for 2018 need to be updated and sent out to the agents. I also have to do many group quotes for all St Giles locations. For example, I have to calculate the price per student for the course, accommodation, airport transfer, activities, extras and group leaders. Each group quote contains a gross (incl. different special offer for the country) and net (taking off the agents’ commission) price. 


In November, we also had a meeting with Mr Spielhofer and our supervisor in England to have a look at our performance at our workplace. We have to reach some performance goals and include them in our IPT documentation, which we have to present after our return in January. It is important to describe the fulfilled goals with typical tasks we are working with, as well as positive things, difficulties and improvements for our future jobs.


Last weekend, I visited my best friend in Eastbourne as she is doing her internship at St Giles International Eastbourne. It was my first trip out of London and I really enjoyed it. The weather was perfect, even if it was very cold because of the wind, the sun was shining the whole weekend. Compared to London, Eastbourne is completely different. The city is small, but still you can buy all necessary things required there, the whole area is quiet and located next to the sea.


I am looking forward to being at home for Christmas and enjoying the time with my family and friends.



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