"Disconnected from the world"

Hey everyone! As you maybe know, we were back in Switzerland for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s was really nice to see my family and friends after 4 months. Anyway, we came back on 1.1.2018 and I was really glad to be back in London.  It sounds strange but London became a second home for me. And I am actually not ready to go home in 2 weeks to be honest.


So last week I went to the same tattoo artist as Micky was a few weeks ago. She’s self-employed and her ‘studio’ is in the apartment/loft where she lives with loads of other creative people. She does stick and poke tattoos which means she doesn’t need a machine she does the tattoos just with one needle and it isn’t painful at all. The benefit of stick and poke tattoos is that you can do tattoos with really thin lines as you can see on the photo.


Last Saturday we went (again) to Egg the club. But in the rush I lost my phone somehow on the way to the club which really annoyed me. So I was 3 days without a phone, what do you do? I finally started reading the book which I brought to London but never touched. It was quite interesting what you see and realize when you don’t have a phone with you in the tube for example. Of course it was annoying in the beginning to see everyone with a phone in their hands but I got used to it. Luckily, Micky had her old IPhone 6 with her which I could borrow. Excuse me for the lame photos but I lost every photo from my phone obviously.
So yeah, we are going home in two weeks and have to see so many things I haven’t seen yet and that’s why I’m a bit stressed. Anyway, I hope you liked reading my blog!

Cheers, Perla


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