Blogeintrag von Aimée

Unsere Lernenden berichten von ihrem fünfmonatigen Aufenthalt in London.

Hey there. My name is Aimée, I am 20 years old and I am a student at the FREI'S Schulen. I would like to tell you about my experiences I have made in London until now.


My host family is amazing and absolute lovely. Since the first day, it has felt like home to me. I have got two friendly host sisters and a cute cat, called Mystic. When I come home she waits already downstairs and want me to cuddle her.


The St. Giles School is very cosy, the teachers are nice and the food in the cafeteria is surprisingly good. I thought the food is not that good but as I tried it, I realized I was totally wrong.

Last weekend I went to Kent coast, more precisely to Broadstairs, which is just one and a half hours away from London by train. I really recommend this to you guys. The train ticket is quite cheap and the view from the beach is just breath-taking. You can stroll along the beach for hours and the water was so warm, I could even take a swim in the sea.


On Wednesday I visited the Lion King Musical with my best friend Micky. It was my first musical and it was so beautiful. All the work they put into the costumes was absolute stunning. All these things brought back all the childhood memories. I enjoyed it so much and I recommend it to everybody.


This weekend my boyfriend came to visit me and we had a really good time. I showed him the city and we had dinner in an amazing seafood restaurant called Randall and Aubin in Soho. My host father is actually the best friend of the manager and he suggested it to me. It was really worth it, even if it’s a bit more expensive than other ones.


All in all I enjoy my stay here in London so much and I am so happy about this opportunity.


I am looking forward to the next months and all the things which are waiting for me to discover. You will hear from me again soon with new stories and recommendations.


Xoxo Aimée